Having served the industry for 30 over years , working on environmental pollution controls and emissions projects and providing treatment solutions, we built and manufacture our systems, and test them to regulatory requirements to make sure they are reliable , efficient and sustainable.We provide . design, manufacture, test and install

Air Pollution & Deodorisation Equipments

Wide range of high efficiency air / odour treatment equipment ,with the below examples


  1. Horizontal / Vertical Packed Bed Scrubbers
  2. Bio Trickling Filters
  3. Activated Carbon Absorber Units
  4. Custom Dust Collectors
  5. Odour Containment Covers
  6. FRP / GRP Industrial Fans and Duct System



Water & Waste Water Treatment Equipments

We are also able to design , manufacture , build , test and install a complete and wide range of treatment equipment ,with the below examples

  1. High efficiency clarifer
  2. Oil coalescers plate packs
  3. DAF units (Dissolved Air Floatation)
  4. Municiple Sludge Scrapers & baffles
  5. Foam fractuators and Marine Park Utilies equipment
  6. Evaporators and Dosing Skids
  7. Reverse Osmosis and Nano filtration Skids
  8. Membrane Reactors Module



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